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Welcome to the wonderful world of old Quimper!

www.oldquimper.com is written in the hopes that it will serve to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of Quimper pottery.

Quimper...pronounced “kem-pair”...is a town in northwestern France in the area known as Brittany. Quimper has been an active center of pottery production since the days when it was part of the Roman Empire.

So just who’s doing all this writing and picture taking?

We are Adela and Mark Meadows. Professional antiques dealers since 1980, our business is The Meadows Collection. You may have read our book, Quimper Pottery...A Guide to Origins, Styles, and Values, seen us on television including  multiple segments of Collectible Treasures on HGTV, or read about us in the Antiques JournalMaine Antiques Digest, Country Register, or West Coast Peddler. Our business has taken us all over the United States, giving lectures for various groups and selling at exhibits in select antiques shows. We also sell through our web sites.

We love Brittany! Centuries of tradition have left their mark on this delightful place and we believe that having a better understanding of the town and the people of Quimper...and the towns and the people of Brittany...will serve to further your enjoyment and understanding of vintage Quimper pottery...an art pottery that is also based on centuries of tradition!

www.oldquimper.com is published on (or about) the first of each month. A simple click on one of the links, located above left and at the bottom of the page, will take you on an exciting adventure. The Town, The People, and The Pottery link takes you to each issue's exploration of a specific aspect of Brittany or Quimper pottery, sometimes historical...sometimes breaking news. Click on Memo from J-P and you'll see the spotlight put on a particularly unique item in our inventory. Shop in Your Slippers allows you to do just that...shop for unique examples of vintage Quimper pottery and related items without having to leave the comfort of your home or office computer.  The link called Your Frequently Asked Questions is a sampling of some of the questions we receive each month presented with the aim that by checking there, you might find an  immediate answer to your specific question..how can I tell the age of my piece, should I get it repaired, how was it used,etc. Shameless Book Plug is just that...a plug about our book...Quiimper Pottery...a Guide to Origins, Styles and Values... plus ordering information so that you can purchase an autographed copy of your own instead of spending all that time lurking in the book store. And, last but not least, Quimper Factory Marks provides an overview of some of the more commonly found marks used on Quimper pottery over the centuries.

The illustrations used throughout www.oldquimper.com include both vintage and recent photographs, vintage paintings and drawings, scenes from pieces of Quimper pottery, and materials from our archives. That said...

Degemer mat...Breton for "Welcome!"

Volume 16 Number 11
April 2015

The town...

The people...

  The Meadows Collection
Adela & Mark Meadows


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